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 The Queen and one or two friends availing themselves of Crosland Moor before departing for Holyrood House. Following a visit to Bradford and Huddersfield she said her farewells at Crosland - make sure you see our crest on your next visit!


photos from the airfield and trips out

Awaiting updates

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Get to know the members -the rogues' gallery as I like to call it!


Peter Thompson

Peter flies the much loved Bolkow Junior.

G-ATDO previously belonged to Harold Swift at Hill Farm, Marton  (Hull). Harold was, or maybe still is, the oldest PPL in Yorkshire.


James (Fireball) Whitham

James is one of the airfield owners and flies a great RV6 as well as a Jodel. Known to many as a motorcycle commentator (he is still active in the saddle too) following a brilliant career.


Martin (the Pitts) Hill

Martin changed the Pitts for an RV7 - looks rather good!. He can be found competing throughout the year in aerobatic competitions and spends time above Crosland Moor practicing. Martin also flies an Arrow out of Crosland.


Its very dodgy!

Graham (it's dodgy) Mills

Now flying a beautiful Jodel taildragger (yup he is a pro per pilot now) A true Scot, Graham loves a wee tot and has been known to buy a round!


Steve (the squash man) Ivell

and his lovely Jabaru. A lover of the game of squash and motor bikes, separately of course, Steve built a great Skyranger then a Eurostar. A PPL(a) holder I feel an RV will be his mount one day...
  The Purple Peril hs been sold to Adam!!
Awaiting photo of Adam

purple, its bloody purple

Mark (the Blade) Chambers

Update - Sonex sold down south and he is now flying G-XWEB a Skyranger with Alan.  He also plays a mean air guitar while flying with Alan... however his sense of Rhythm is better than his sense of direction!


Dave (Coddy!) Caldwell

Currently awaiting the latest police most wanted narrative.... watch this space for updates and in the meantime DO NOT APPROACH THIS MAN...



Paul the mod it man...

Paul, nearest the camera, used to fly flex wings before building his lovely Ranger. The passenger is Graham the vet, which just goes to prove you can take the ranger out of the boy but you cant take the boy out of of a ranger...


Nice up here...

Alan (Biggles) Dalgetty

Alan flies anything he can get his hands on! Known locally as Biggles The Blagger he loves nothing better than being airborne. Ex gliding instructor and tug pilot who probably makes the best bacon butties in Yorkshire. Now flying Skyrange G-XWEB with Mark.


Andy (chick) Carter

Andy has come to us after many years as a modeller (making planes not catwalking.. although!) and now flies a Zenair. UPDATE: Andy has just completed the restoration of a Tiger Cub, pikkies and info to follow shortly.



Richard Jordan 

Richard flies a Sky Ranger (we now have a definite squadron!) and moved into the hangar in July, his plane that is, not personally. He comes to us from Rufforth and is most welcome. He now only take 10 minutes to get to his plane rather than the hours drive it was before. Nice.



Gavin  (and Paul)

Gavin is the good looking one on the right (he paid me to say that...) . Formally a flexwing pilot Gav now flies a nice Eurostar and is seen trying on the latest Evo head accessory. Suites you sir!! Paul is also a pilot and flies flexwings. He is not really a milliner.

they fly paragliders too...
Marian and Nick

who fly an autogyro G-MAZA. They also fly paragliders (...none of us are perfect though!) and can be seen soaring the skies throughout Europe held up by thin string and flimsy fabric canopies.


steve ridge

Steve (the ranger) Ridge

Steve is the latest member of the Crosland Ranger Appreciation Pilots Squadron... he has recently upgraded his Ranger with a Rotax 912 so that he can keep up! Steves plane is now a group A plane... ah well.






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