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Fraser and Judith from Scotland

Great little airfield surrounded by wonderful countryside. Well worth a visit. People really friendly, esp Alan who even loaned us his car for a while. Many thanks Alan


Her Majesty drops by...


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Crosland Moor Airfield will be closed to ALL traffic on the 24th and 25th of May 2017.
NO flights, in or out, will be allowed, other than in the case of an emergency and emergency aircraft.
This includes all resident aircraft.

Resident pilots its that time again! Flying club subs are due in April. 25.00 again this year! How do we do it?

Please check the notice board for the list.
Resident pilots please note - do not refuel in the hangar and do not taxi futher into the hangar than getting your wheels in.

Do not leave cars parked near the bottom hangar where they will get in the way of the Islander leaving or entering the hangar. This means park away from where the Islander needs to reverse out of the hangar and onto the grass immediately below the tarmac. Many thanks.

What better on a sunny day... 


Would all pilots please note - DO NOT DO YOUR PRE-FLIGHT RUN UPS ON THE END OF 25!! It is dangerous. Do them before you back track.

Engine checks may be carried out at the end of the 07 taxi way but absolutely not on the runway.

Alas there is no more space in the hangar, we are now full to bursting! Those who asked are on the waiting list.


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